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Both floors of the museum have been completely renovated. You will find displays of military artifacts upstairs and downstairs. These displays begin with the Revolutionary War, and continue on with the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, and the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. An elevator is available for those who are unable to use the stairs.

One room upstairs is called the "collection" room. Here you can find military models, toys and other collections which are rotated so that returning visitors will see different displays. The media center and library are also upstairs. The books are arranged in chronological order similar to the museum and are available to check out. There are books covering branches of the service, biographies and reference books. Throughout the museum, emphasis is on the personal stories of Oconee County veterans. In the media center there are over sixty veteran interviews in a DVD format.

Visitors may also visit the gift shop, sign a visitors' book and ask questions. In order to support Patriots' Hall, a visitor is encouraged to become a member by filling out a membership form also found on this web site.

There is no charge to visit the museum.

Board of Directors

Charlie Brickett, Joyce Brickett, Mike Fiesler, Don Sanders, Josh Herring.


Donations: Patriot's Hall Association (PHA) is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Monetary and physical donations are tax deductible.

Membership: Forms are available here. Student: $5, Veteran: $10, Individual: $15, Family: $25, Corporate: $100

Volunteer: Workers and Guides are needed. Join us and share your ideas and areas of expertise.