Dedicated To Our Veterans In Honor Of Their Service To Our Country: Lest We Forget!

Museum News: Other than small repairs to the HVAC unit, the museum is doing great. Even through the hot summer days, guests continue to visit on Saturdays. Tour groups have also enjoyed the museum. We continue to receive donated relics even though it is hard to find space for them. If you have not visited for awhile, please come by and check out the displays. Friends and family are always welcome too.

Events: Patriots' HaIl will participate in the parade scheduled to take place in Westminster this year. It will start at 4:00. Everyone should come out and show your loyalty to your country and show your admiration and appreciation for our veterans.

Brick "Walk of Honor": A new order of bricks has been installed. Stop by and see if yours is one of them. If you have not ordered a brick please do because this is an excellent way to honor those you love or admire. Engraved bricks are $60 and can be ordered on line or at the museum. They can be in memory of someone or in honor of someone. The person or group does not have to be a veteran and they don't have to be from Oconee County.

Social Media: Look for Patriots' Hall on Face book for additional information on our next fund raising event and how you can volunteer to help. We will be looking for people who like to hike and are willing to help a good cause. The event will commemorate a specific military march or invasion The distance to be hiked will be equal to the chosen march. For instance...The Bataan March. After additional information becomes available, the event will be posted on the Face book site and volunteers may sign up there and acquire sponsors. Board Member Tom Yates is working on the logistics. He has had experience as a "hiker for a cause" and assures us that this event could be very successful. It will also provide an opportunity to promote the museum.

Membership: If the top of your newsletter has a star, it indicates it is time to renew your membership in the Patriots' Hall Association. The museum relies on this funding source to pay the utility bills so please renew if you can. Remember that P.H.A. is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization and your membership is tax deductible.

Fill out the membership form, print it and send it in.

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