Dedicated To Our Veterans In Honor Of Their Service To Our Country: Lest We Forget!

Museum News: Most of the items stored at the museum, besides shelving hardware, are duplicate items or items used occasionally. Additional storage space for these items has been donated and will be located in another county building. Once the items are moved out of Patriots Hall, additional space will be available for additional displays.

Armed Forces Day is May 16: Patriots Hall will have representatives from four branches of the military at the museum to hand out information and answer questions. There will also be a WWII jeep on display. We will have refreshments too.

Vet-Fest: was a success even though participation was limited. The weather was perfect so the question is "where were the family groups that were expected?" The trivia questions were on the youngsters' level as were the prizes. We were disappointed. However, the crowd present at the auction were able to get some excellent deals because of the local merchants' very nice donations.

Additional Bricks: are being added to the "Walk of Honor" soon. Jon Busch recently placed another order. We asked you to be patient until enough orders were placed to meet the requirement of the brick company. Remember that you may honor a family member, friend or a group and at the same time you will be helping Patriots Hall with expenses.

Tour: groups and family groups are welcome at the museum anytime. Call Jon at 864-638-8559 to make the arrangements. Recently, about 160 third graders from Fair Oak Elementary School visited. It was a long day for the volunteers who showed them through the museum and answered their many questions.

The photo on the left is part of the group with their teacher Stephanie Buchanan and PHA board member Charlie Brickett. The photo on the right is board member Harvey Spencer with a group of students.

Membership: Many memberships expired last February. Because the museum relies on this funding source to pay the bills, we would like for you to renew for another year. Remember that the Patriots Hall Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your membership/donation is tax deductible.

Fill out the membership form, print it and send it in.

Thank You for Your Support!

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