FALL 2013

Dedicated To Our Veterans In Honor Of Their Service To Our Country: Lest We Forget!

Museum News: The PHA Board is still trying to locate additional display space. A grant application has been submitted to acquire funds to renovate half of the remaining upstairs room that is currently being used for storage. The 8' X 16' area will have on display interesting, rare and unique items. Sometimes, other museums loan such items to other museums. Also, individuals who have rare items might be more willing to loan them. These displayed items might be very valuable because of their uniqueness and/or rarity. Examples of items would be rare weapons, old uniforms or war relics. Usually, there is a loan contract that requires a monitored security system and locked cases for these special items. When finished, this project will provide the required system.

Veterans Day Event: The museum will be open from 10:00 to 3:00 on Monday, November 11. A special, honored guest will be local veteran Joe Rawl. At 1:30 he will tell us about his military experiences. Joe is retired from the United States Army with 21 years active service. He is known in military terms as a "mustang"…meaning that he came up through the ranks after having spent 4 years as an Enlisted Man, 3 years as a Warrant Officer and 14 years as a Commissioned Officer. Joe retired with the rank of Major. He spent two tours of duty in Vietnam…the first as an EM in the Army Security Agency (1962-63) and the second as a Chief Warrant Officer and Helicopter Pilot in the First Cavalry Division's Aerial Reconnaissance Unit (1967). Since his military retirement, Joe has taught classes in area high schools and been very active in supporting Veteran issues. We are proud of Joe and his distinguished military career. As we honor all veterans on this special day, please honor Joe by coming to the museum to hear his "stories".

PHA Annual Meeting: Previously, this has been a social event and not well attended. However, the PHA Board is required to share with its many members accomplishments and future plans. In order to show appreciation to the continuous support received from the membership, this year on November 21 at 6:30, everyone is invited to attend a regular Board meeting at the museum. Business at this time will include goals, issues pending, membership participation, and community involvement and will also address questions. If you attend this meeting you might be in for a surprise.

Board of Directors for 2013: President: Jon Busch, Vice President: Tom Yates, Treasurer: Charlie Brickett, Secretary: Joyce Brickett. Additional members are: Rocky Anderson, George Doyle, Jimmy Grant, Vic Hart, Skip Wakeman and Barbara Yates.

Membership: It is time once again to renew your PHA membership. Please check your membership card to see if it is valid through February 2015. If not, fill out and return the form below, and mail along with your membership fee. If your membership has exprired there will be a red X on the address label and your name might be removed from the PHA database. Please don't let this happen because together we will continue to honor all veterans and provide a military museum Oconee County can be proud of.

Fill out the membership form, print it and send it in.

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